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Real Housewives

RHOC Ssn 11/Ep 11 - The Moral Minority

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies' accident in Glamis draws battle lines over who's right, who's wrong and who should have visited Vicki in the hospital. In a surprise about-face, Shannon and Meghan find themselves on the outs after making an unpopular decision. Read on for a full breakdown of this week's injuries, hurt feelings and shifting alliances...


The episode begins 3.5 hours after last week's freak accident on the sand dunes of Glamis, and Tamra Judge is being released from the local hospital. Thankfully, she didn't sustain any major injuries and got the OK from the doctors to return to the camp with strict orders to rest and recuperate. Meanwhile, Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds are hitting the golf course with their husbands at the Edmonds' vacation home in La Quinta. Inexplicably, Meghan waits until the couples are a few rounds into golf before informing Shannon about the accident the other ladies were in. Naturally, Shannon is shocked to hear that her friends just suffered from a near-death experience and in a case of near-perfect timing, Heather Dubrow calls to fill her in on the drama.


Fancy Pants tries to relay just how bad the accident was, but when she explains that Vicki Gunvalson is all alone after being airlifted to Palms Springs Regional Hospital, she's met with an awkward silence. Neither Shannon nor Meghan has any interest in rushing to their frenemy's side. Meghan even goes as far as to suggest that Heather and Kelly Dodd go visit Vicki, after all they are the ones who've decided to be the OG's friends again. Heather balks at this suggestion, pointing out that Glamis is almost three hours from Palm Springs, while the blondes in La Quinta are only 45 minutes away. Sensing an argument on the horizon, Heather abruptly hangs up, utterly baffled at her friends' reaction to the fact that Vicki is alone in the hospital.


Later that evening, a shaken Tamra returns to the campsite at Glamis while the Beadors and the Edmonds sit down for a quiet dinner in La Quinta. Naturally, the dinner conversation circles quickly around to Vicki's injury. Both women question how serious the OG's condition could possibly be and when Meghan whips out some pictures of Vicki being loaded onto a stretcher in a neck brace, Shannon is just about speechless. But not quite. She can't believe she's seeing the pictures on Meghan's phone and claims that if she had just been in a major accident, the last thing she'd be thinking about is getting a good selfie for sympathy.


Meanwhile, the other ladies are bonding as they FaceTime Vicki back at the sand dunes. High on morphine with no one but a camera crew to watch her, Vicki is slightly loopy but will be released that night once her tests are finished. Thank goodness the OG of the OC will be a-OK. In a shocking turn of events, the accident has also softened Kelly's hard feelings toward Heather. Thanking Fancy Pants for staying so calm and collected in the aftermath of the dune buggy roll, Kelly admits she misjudged Heather and - are you ready for this? - actually apologizes to her! The two brunettes hug it out and agree that they've both given each other a fresh start.


The next day, the trip to Glamis finally draws to a close. Now that she's up to speed on all the drama following the accident, Tamra decides to give Shannon and Meghan a piece of her mind over the phone. After painting a picture for the two about just how bad the accident was, Tammy Sue is stunned that her fellow 'Wives could be so heartless and refuse to drive 45 minutes to be there for Vicki. Meghan immediately gets defensive with Tamra, shooting back that she doesn't appreciate the accusation she didn't care about Vicki's wellbeing and argues that it didn't make sense for her to visit the OG when they're not actually friends. Tamra rightfully fires back that the younger 'Wife certainly didn't seem to mind going to Vicki's birthday party at the Merv Griffin estate just a few episodes back. With that, Tamra dismisses the entire argument, curtly telling Meghan to "go to hell." Oh snap!


Back in the OC, a shaken Tamra decides to postpone her fitness competition on account of the bulging discs in her back while Meghan heads to Vicki's house with her proverbial tail between her legs. Bringing the OG an apology gift in the form of a candle from her and Jim's new candle line, Meghan tearfully apologizes for not coming to the hospital and being a good kinda-friend. Vicki and her neck brace graciously accept her frenemy's apology, but can't resist questioning why it would take a near-death experience to finally get some of the compassion she's been craving for the past season-and-a-half. 


Meanwhile, Shannon meets Tamra and Heather for dinner. Word has reached both ladies that Meghan's been going around town saying Tamra was reckless and at fault for the accident, and neither is too pleased that Shannon seems to be on Team Justice Train. Tamra even comes right out and asks Shannon point blank if she's upset that Vicki has suddenly become the victim again thanks to the accident. Shannon decides the best course of action is to backpedal, explaining that she and Meghan didn't understand just how bad the accident really was, and claims that - had she known - she would've been right at Vicki's side in an instant.


Finally, the episode concludes with Heather meeting Meghan for a classic summit lunch at Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach (also known as the setting for the infamous black and white party in the very first episode of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County). Heather confronts Meghan right out of the gate, saying she hears the younger 'Wife is bugged at her for the entire game of telephone following the accident. In defending herself, Meghan certainly doesn't do herself any favors by calling Heather "theatrical" and "patronizing" within just a few sentences. But Fancy Pants isn't letting Meghan off the hook either, and claims the moral high ground compared in the debate over Meghan's comments over not being Vicki's friend and doubting Heather's version of events. Because friend or not, the right thing to do would've been to get in the car, drive 45 minutes and be there with Vicki in the hospital. End of discussion. Thankfully, Meghan eventually apologizes for letting Heather down and the two manage to make up, but boy was it a rough road getting there...

What did you think of this week's RHOC? Who's in the right? Should Meghan and Shannon have visited Vicki in the hospital? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!