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Real Housewives

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 22 - Reunion Part 2

Glenn Rowley


This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the reunion continues as the women of Beverly Hills seek apologies for the words and actions of their fellow Housewives on everything from addictions and affairs to that dreaded Munchausen accusation. Read on for my entire break down of Part 2...

Who Does Yolanda Believe?


Part 1 of the reunion ended with Yolanda Foster's sudden walk-off during the two Lisas debate over who started the Munchausen conversation surrounding her illness. Ever a supportive friend, Erika Girardi quickly followed her into Andy's dressing room, where Yo dissolves in a flood of tears under the weight of her fellow 'Wives doubt and bickering. Most tellingly however, the arguing on the couches continues even when Yolanda isn't there. Lisa Vanderpump claims the blame lies solely with Lisa Rinna for bringing the M-word into the conversation, while Rinna fiercely maintains that she was encouraged off-camera by LVP. When Yolanda finally returns to set, Andy asks her point blank: with the conflicting stories and giant game of she said/she said, who does Yo believe?


All Yolanda can say is that she's confused. Yes, she wants to believe Lisa Vanderpump's story, but she just doesn't know who to trust. LVP openly admits she was wrong to doubt the veracity of Yolanda's illness, but Yo fires back that the queen bee has a history of manipulating things behind the scenes to make good TV without any thought for who could get hurt in the process. As Yo says, "you can't run over dead bodies to get a great show." Therefore, according to Yolanda, it's completely within the realm of possibility that LVP was pulling Rinna's strings behind the scenes. As Lisa Vanderpump continues to deny that she wanted to utilize Yo's illness as this season's major storyline, Lisa Rinna gets so fed up that she (rather dramatically) storms off the set in a not-quite-walk-off. Standing between Bravo's multitude of camera operators, Rinna repeatedly shrieks for LVP to simply "own it" - by far her favorite phrase this season. Andy looks, at best, mildly amused by Lisa Rinna's outburst and I can't but think - as he stated in a recent interview - walk-offs at reunions are so 2009.


Once Lisa Rinna sits back down, Andy steers the conversation to the drama from Kyle Richards' ill-fated BBQ, where the Lyme disease of Yolanda's children Bella and Anwar was dragged into the discussion. At the BBQ, LVP maintained that Mohamed Hadid (her close friend and Yo's ex-husband) had insisted that the kids were fine, adding confusion to whether Yolanda was telling the truth. However, Yolanda points out that calling Bella and Anwar's health into question was yet another mark on her personal integrity. Claiming that her fellow 'Wives would be ashamed of themselves for doubting her journey if they really understood what people with Lyme go through to find a cure, Yolanda gets emotional again and the tears start flowing. Several of the other women rally around her, apologizing profusely and begging her not to cry, but Yolanda shoots out that of course she's crying, this is her life they're arguing over! What would the purpose be for her to make up her disease? Finally, Andy puts a pin in the conversation and we can finally move on from this never-ending Munchausen merry-go-round. 

The Return of Kim Richards


Next, original Housewife Kim Richards joins the couches to give an update on her recovery and the status of her relationship with sister Kyle. Andy starts off by showing a package of several of the other women gossiping and talking about her throughout the season. The emotional package leaves several of the women in tears, as Kim explains that her recovery is going well - but this time she's choosing to keep her recovery private rather than publicize it in front of Bravo's cameras. It's heartbreaking to see Kim say that she thinks she's hard to love, and Kyle is quick to jump in and make it clear: even when she didn't like Kim's behavior, she never stopped loving her.


It's heartwarming to see Kathryn Edwards, who had never been on the show with Kim and barely even knows her, be so openly supportive of her fight to stay sober. Eileen Davidson chimes in that, despite their issues last season, she only wants the best for Kim. However, when Lisa Rinna - who had nothing but nasty things to say about her former costar all season long - tries to piggyback on and claim she's full of nothing but love and light, Kim finally gets to the chance to confront her. During the season, Lisa Rinna used her confessionals to bash Kim every chance she got - calling her "dangerous" and "a rabid dog," while referring to her shoplifting arrest as "gross." Kim explains that seeing Lisa R. calling her such vile things as she was trying to recover from her downward spiral only hurt her feelings, and certainly didn't help the situation. However, Lisa Rinna inexplicably tries to argue that she doesn't need to be held accountable for anything she said and doesn't offer so much as a single half-hearted apology to Kim. 


Lisa Rinna attempts to justify her comments with the excuse that she "knows" addiction. After all, she lost her older sister to it. However, this simply doesn't excuse the lack of compassion she's shown Kim all season long as she's fought her way to a healthier place in recovery. Eileen jumps in to back up Rinna by pointing out that neither of them invented Kim's behavior last season out of thin air. At this point, Kim takes Eileen to task, accusing her of dramatizing and over-exaggerating to get the other 'Wives worked up. After Kyle confronts Lisa Rinna for her judgmental comments about her sister, Kim specifically thanks Kathryn and Erika for stepping in to defend her when she was being gossiped about during the season. It's still remarkable to me that these two new 'Wives who had never met nor filmed with Kim had to be the ones to put Lisa Rinna in her place. Also, major props to Andy for calling out the hypocrisy between Lisa Rinna's "Marco Rubio" talking points and wanting to quickly move on from anything she said all season long. Hello, you can't spew negative vitriol for 20 episodes and then try to move past it when it gets brought up at the reunion!

When Did the Affair Start?


After a nice breather about all the glitzy and glamorous parties thrown by the 'Wives throughout the season, Andy addresses the season-long feud between Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen over the word "affair" and the apology that never came. After watching the clip where LVP admitted that she said what she thought Eileen wanted to hear at the top of the Burj Khalifa, the soap actress feels vindicated in her intuition that the queen bee wasn't being sincere. Calling LVP calculated, Eileen points out that the OG is smart woman who never does or says anything on camera flippantly. Lisa Vanderpump claims innocence in the entire ordeal, saying she never thought she was doing anything wrong by asking a question, but Eileen insists that the real issue is how LVP treated her afterwards. When Eileen tried to tell her why being put on the spot made her uncomfortable, she found Lisa Vanderpump to be condescending and dismissive. Point blank, Eileen finds LVP to be manipulative and doesn't trust her, even after all the attempts at apologizing. Coming from such different perspectives, these two will simply never see eye-to-eye on this issue.

A Bombshell Abuse Revelation


Andy then asks a viewer question about why Eileen decided to bring up the abusive relationship in her past in the Hamptons but not the "a-word," and Eileen insists they are two completely separate subjects and experiences. Opening up about being abused was Eileen's way of letting viewers know more of who she is and what she's been through. Further, she took offense to Lisa Vanderpump for throwing shade in her blog by question why being vulnerable about that experience would be of benefit to anyone. In the blog, LVP revealed that she had too been in an abusive relationship once, and Andy presses her on the subject. On the couch, Lisa admits that the relationship occurred when she was just 19 years old and was threatened and physically hurt by her former boyfriend. Unexpectedly, the subject brings LVP to tears and we are left with yet another cliffhanger just as she starts opening up about the abuse.

Next week, the reunion concludes! What did you think of Part 2? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section...