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Real Housewives

RHOBH Season 6 Finale - Who Do You Believe?

Glenn Rowley


After a seemingly endless cycle of gossip, rumors, manipulations and me typing the word "Munchausen" over and over, we've finally reached the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And it turns out to be, overall, a much quieter finale than the season that led up to it, until we finally see the revelation we've been waiting all season for...


The woman are back from their trip and ready for the requisite rehashing of all the drama that happened in Dubai. Naturally, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards and Eileen Davidson are all breaking the vacation's events down to their husbands (Vinny looks particularly bored), while Erika Girardi is filling Yolanda Foster in on everything she missed. Erika rehashes the multi-pronged argument on the beach over the Munchausen accusations, and Yolanda wants to know whether the women are still debating whether she's sick or not. Erika explains that the conversation has moved beyond that - now Lisa Rinna has turned on LVP for supposedly being the root of all the Munchausen chatter. This is news to Yolanda, who had been under the impression from the beginning that Rinna was the one who started the M-word conversation. However, Erika tells her that she's more prone to believe Rinna's side of the story - she's stuck to it like a dog with a bone and isn't budging.


Kyle Richards is throwing the big finale party at her and Mauricio's second home in Palm Springs. Apparently, the dress code is all black (unless your name is Yolanda) and all the 'Wives will be there along with both former and recurring cast members including Faye Resnick, Camille Grammer and Kim Richards. Kyle's worried about how all these moving (and feuding) pieces will get along at the party, but says in her interview that if Rinna has any problem with Kim being there, she's welcome to stay outside. There are bound to be fireworks however, considering that this is the first time since the Season 5 reunion that the two women will have even been in the same room. When you put Faye Resnick in charge of diffusing any drama, you know things have gotten completely out of control. 


When Lisa Rinna arrives, she and her sparkly micro mini make a beeline straight to Yolanda and pull her aside for a chat. In her confessional, Rinna points out that she's spent much of the season having a lot to say about Yolanda, and she's finally ready to say it all to her face. Almost immediately, Rinna cops to saying that Yolanda was more manipulative than Lisa Vanderpump, and blames it on being angry about Yo's lunch with Kim and Brandi Glanville. Yo is obviously baffled by this allegation, but Rinna is already full speed ahead on the "owning it" train and she's not ready to get off. She once again takes ownership of bringing the word "Munchausen" into the speculation surrounding Yolanda's health, but handily throws LVP under the bus by telling Yolanda point blank that the queen bee "pushed" her in that direction. Dear Lisa Rinna, this is not the definition of "owning it." What you're doing is just shifting blame and trying to dig yourself out of the massive hole you've dug all season long. Thankfully, the rest of the women (minus LVP) interrupt the tense conversation with cocktails and well wishes about Gigi Hadid booking the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Yolanda excuses herself to grab a drink.


Naturally, Yolanda goes straight to Lisa Vanderpump for clarification on this whole Munchausen debacle. LVP flat-out denies that the rumors came from her, and points the finger back at Lisa Rinna reading the definition off her phone way back at the beginning of the season. She even calls Kyle over to back up her side of the story but Yolanda still claims in her confessional that something doesn't feel right. Lisa points out that, if anything, she's tried to remain out of the gossip because of her close friendship with Yo's ex-husband Mohamed. However, Yolanda points out that it's because of this relationship between Lisa and her ex that she won't be sharing any of her deepest secrets with the OG any time soon. No matter what, Lisa's loyalty will be with Mohamed and that's the honest truth.


From the opposite couch, Kathryn, Erika and Camille are providing running commentary on the conversation between Yo and LVP. Erika asks Kathryn what she thinks of how Lisa has treated everyone this season, and Kathryn opines that Rinna has tried to usurp the established pecking order by refusing to continue bowing down to Lisa Vanderpump. Camille agrees, but Kathryn refuses to believe that LVP did anything to manipulate Rinna's behavior. In her confessional, Erika points out that Kathryn has clearly drank the Lisa Vanderpump kool-aid and become spokesperson for the kool-aid brand, and warns her that if she's not careful, she could end up as one of Lisa's loyal foot soldiers one day. 


Next, Kim pulls Lisa Rinna aside for a confrontation that's been a year in the making. Rinna seems bewildered (but not quite enraged) that Kim was invited to the party, which seems strange considering that she's well aware Kyle has been working on her relationship with her sister. Kim calls out Rinna for being "enraged" that Yolanda chose to have lunch with her and Brandi but Lisa backtracks by claiming that it was her own issue, and she doesn't feel comfortable sharing it with Kim. Wait, WHAT? This coming from the woman who made Kim's issues last season her own personal mission to uncover. Is she serious? Kim tries to get to the bottom of why Rinna seems to have it out for her, but Lisa manages to turn the conversation back on Kim by bringing it back to her struggles last season. Rinna continues throwing darts at Kim, telling her she wants her to "get better," and this conversation is going nowhere fast. Essentially, the two women agree to disagree and, as Kyle points out in her confessional, there's basically nothing left to be said. By the night's end, all the women leave with most of their issues unresolved, and the party ends with more of a whimper than a bang. 


Cut to two months later and the news of Yolanda and David's divorce has rocked Beverly Hills. I suspected when the couple released their statement the day of the Season 6 premiere that they deliberately chose to wait in an effort to keep the dissolution of their relationship off-camera, but Bravo couldn't possibly pass up this opportunity. Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle and Kathryn gather at Villa Rosa while Eileen and Lisa Rinna meet for lunch to discuss how blindsided they all were by the news and what could have possibly led up to it. Meanwhile, Erika meets Yolanda at her new condo to shed some light on the situation. Yolanda opines that if you're not making each other happy anymore, you shouldn't stay together and apparently that's what happened between her and David. 


The finale ends on a disjointed note as the 'Wives "where are they now?" cards flash across the screen. Lisa Rinna is putting her lips to good use: she's filmed the pilot for a new NBC talk show and is developing a line of lip gloss. Eileen has recommended Erika for a bit part on The Young and the Restless while the scripted show on TV Land about Kyle's childhood starts shooting this summer. Despite insisting that she wanted to slow down, Lisa may be opening yet another restaurant in West Hollywood with Ken. Erika Jayne is prepping the release of her latest single "How Many" while Kathryn and Donnie have bought a chateau in Normandy, France. As for Yolanda, her road to recovery continues, but she's feeling better than she has in over three years. It's not at all where she expected to be, but Yolanda is ready to face this new chapter of her life as an independent woman back on her own terms.

Next week, it's reunion time! How did you feel about the season finale? Were you as underwhelmed as I was? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.