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Real Housewives

RHOBH Ssn 6/Ep 12 - Hearing Problems

Glenn Rowley


This week's episode kicks off back in San Diego and Kathryn Edwards invites the 'Wives to her and Donnie's house for lunch before heading back to Beverly Hills. The Edwards split their time between their condo in Brentwood and the San Diego property, which is absolutely gorgeous - with a built-in infrared sauna and an oven vent made of imported stone from Jerusalem. As a viewer, I'm really in love with Kathryn's home in San Diego, so much in fact, that I actually made a point to tweet about that Jerusalem stone during my live-tweet of the episode. Ridiculous, I know, but I basically want to live in that kitchen.


Over lunch, Eileen Davidson immediately puts the question of who told Yolanda Foster out on the table - it's time to get to the bottom of this. Erika Girardi finally comes clean that she relayed to Yo the conversation Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were having about Bella and Anwar's Lyme disease. And with that, Erika deftly changes the conversation to how great the salad is and whether or not Lisa Rinna actually eats. Naturally, this brings up last season's feud between Rinna and Kim Richards, which quickly snowballs into a conversation about Kim's substance abuse problems. Obviously, for the millionth time, this is not something Kyle wants to be discussed but I feel that every time Lisa Rinna has the opportunity to bash Kim, she takes it. At this point, it's just disrespectful and uncalled for - both to Kyle and Kim. If Lisa R. was really Kyle's friend or had any human compassion for Kim, she wouldn't be referring to her as a "f***ing lunatic" or a "rabid dog" in her confessionals or continuing to blatantly gossip about her in front of Kyle. Lisa Rinna's behavior is what's disgusting in this situation - not Kim's addiction. Thankfully, Erika and Kathryn step in to defend Kim and stick up for Kyle, who's so upset that she leaves the table.


Seeing the two newbies stand up for a former 'Wife they don't even know may seem random, but it makes me love the pair even more than I already do. Once Kyle excuses herself, followed by Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna continues to rehash her issues last season with Kim - from the poker night disaster all the way to the glass-shattering dinner in Amsterdam. However, Kathryn isn't about to put up with the harsh word choice and labels Lisa Rinna is insisting on using, particularly when the situation is over and Kim is seeking the help she needs. Eileen asks Kathryn why addiction is such a hot button issue for her, and the new 'Wife explains that her father committed suicide when she was 13 after a long battle with substance abuse. Wow. This just got even more real. Kathryn passionately explains that no one at that table has the right to label someone else's addiction that they, thankfully, know nothing about. Preach, Kathryn! When she and Lisa V. finally come back to the table, Kyle explains that she's finally taking baby steps in her relationship with Kim - they're talking and texting now! - so hearing negative talk about her sister makes her feel, rightfully, defensive and guilty. With that, this unexpectedly emotional lunch ends and it's time to head home to the Hollywood Hills. 


Back in Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne the pop star reverts back to Erika Girardi the housewife and invites Lisa V. and Ken on a double date, all in the midst of planning a Beverly Hillbillies-themed BBQ for the ladies. Over dinner at Chaya, the foursome seem to hit it off well, with LVP and Tom in particular trading sassy barbs across the table. Is Lisa Vanderpump's spirit animal really an alligator? Mr. Girardi seems to think so. Erika also fills Lisa in on her conversation from last week with Lisa Rinna about confessing to Yolanda. LVP tries to point out that Yolanda makes her Lyme disease very public on social media, and therefore invites scrutiny from not only the other women but the world at large. However, Erika is clearly loyal to Yo and isn't having any of that excuse. 


Meanwhile, Kyle is meeting a familiar face for lunch at Il Cielo: OG Housewife Adrienne Maloof! The pair laugh off the faux pas that they both wore the same shade of maroon and Adrienne reveals that she's now working on a skincare line...with her ex-husband Paul Nassif. What?? After their contentious divorce and the subsequent custody battle that followed, saying it's a miracle that Paul and Adrienne are getting along (let alone doing business together) is basically the understatement of the century. But it's a very welcome surprise - I was so distraught when they announced their separation at the end of Season 3, so it makes me genuinely happy to hear that the Bickersons have reached a better place in their relationship. 


After filling Kyle in on her life, Adrienne asks how things are between her and Kim, and Kyle can only describe it as a "rough year." Adrienne points out that the sisters' turbulent relationship has gone on at least since she has known them, (she was stuck in the middle of the infamous Season 1 limo fight after all), but advises Kyle to always keep the door open for a reconciliation. Adrienne also reveals that she's been in contact with Kim, which is definitely positive news. As Kyle tearfully opens up about Kim's struggles, Adrienne admits that it's difficult to see the pair of sisters go through such an intense and painful struggle, but reassures Kyle that things can get better between them.


The day of Erika's BBQ arrives and it's my kind of party - full of carnival games and her army of gay boys in tiny swimsuits. I firmly believe we should get more tastes of how Erika Jayne does things, please. She really is the Queen of Everything. On the way to the party, a glammed out Eileen fills Lisa Rinna in on her visit with Yolanda two days prior, and it turns out Yo is more than a little angry. Eileen explains that when Lisa R. spilled the Munchausen conversation, Yolanda didn't exactly understand what it meant. However, after Rinna left, she had her nurse read her the definition and boy is she fired up. Lashing out, Yolanda told Eileen that she easily could've labeled Lisa Rinna as unstable or bipolar after last year's Amsterdam trip, but she wouldn't sink that low. On her own limo ride with Kyle, Yolanda insists that she's coming to the party to have a good time, but warns that Lisa Rinna better not get her started because she won't hesitate to defend her integrity. Looks like a storm is headed for this BBQ...


As the women arrive, it's air kisses all around but the tension between Yolanda and Lisa Rinna is palpable in the air. After playing some carnival games and admiring the parade of half-naked men, Lisa R. calls a summit with all the 'Wives to get everything out in the open. She starts the conversation by saying she wishes Yo would've let her know if she had another problem with her, but Yolanda openly balks at this suggestion. Lisa Rinna really thinks Yo should've reached out to her after what Rinna put out in the universe about the M-word? But now that Yolanda knows the definition of Hauschen Mauschen, she's ready to go on the attack and another apology from Lisa Rinna simply isn't going to cut it. However, Yo also has some signals crossed, because she seems to think she's being accused of Munchausen by proxy, which refers to the abuse of a child for the purpose of gaining sympathy or attention for the abuser. When Lisa V. tries to step in and correct her, Yolanda explodes. However, Lisa Rinna isn't about to just sit back and take it, and she tries to defend herself by reiterating that she merely read the definition to Kyle and Lisa V. because she felt guilty for engaging in the conversation with someone. Yolanda accuses Rinna of falsely labeling her, just like she did to Brandi last season by calling her an alcoholic and heatedly explains that she thought the women she called her friends would be the ones to have her back on this journey instead of doubting her. Simply put, Yolanda finds the word Munchausen to be a massive insult to her integrity and Lisa Rinna was the one who started the chatter among the girls. 

Yolanda is officially fired up and demands that if Lisa Rinna has any balls, she tell her who accused her of having Munchausen syndrome. Lisa refuses, saying that it wouldn't be fair to the person and besides, it's not anyone Yolanda knows personally. At this, Erika explodes as well, screaming across the table at Lisa to tell Yo who said it. According to Erika, Yolanda has the right to confront her accuser. If someone's out there saying she has Munchausen, then who is it? By this point, the rest of the women start jumping into the fray, with Kyle trying to explain that people have questions because there are so many discrepancies and Eileen pointing out that Yo simply wants unconditional support from her friends. From the other 'Wives point of view, the bottom line is that they all care about Yolanda and want her to get better, no matter how convoluted the story seems. But at the end of the day, Yolanda just wants to know she's surrounded by a group of girls who will have her back, and so far she's not feeling that. The argument ends with Yo and Rinna hugging it out, but it feels as if this truce is simply putting a band-aid over the wound and ignoring the problem. Either way, it appears that the old Yolanda is back and in fighting form. 

What do you think? Did Yolanda have the right to be outraged at Lisa Rinna over the Munchausen conversation? Whose side are you on? Let me know in the comments!