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Real Housewives

RHOC Ssn 10/Ep 17 - Broken Records

Glenn Rowley


Same story, different week. The mystery of Brooks' possibly fake cancer inched one step closer to the finale with the reveal of his medical records. This week we saw Brooks visit a family practitioner to confirm the presence of masses in his abdomen. Later, Vicki and Brooks invite Tamra over to have a chat. Calling Tamra Vicki "most-tenured friend" among the women, Brooks has decided to show her a copy of his PET scan results to prove he has cancer. However, with the words all mashed together, Tamra isn't quite sure what she's being asked to read. Now that she's seen the medical records, Vicki asks Tamra to advocate for her with the other ladies, hoping to put this cancer mess to bed once and for all. Tamra explains that she can tell them she saw the record, but questions why they don't just show all the ladies rather than have her fight Vicki's battle for her.


The other highlight of this episode is Heather and Terry's trip to Minneapolis to launch their new skincare line, CONSULT BEAUTE, on EVINE Live. Being on live TV is a skill set Heather has mastered in her years of hosting experience, but Terry's not so used to having live cameras around him. Under pressure, Terry botches the rehearsal, making Heather nervous for the actual launch where they'll be presenting in real time. What's Terry's deal? This skincare line is something the Dubrows have been working on together for more than 15 years, it's a product Terry developed himself and knows everything possible about. Plus, he's been filming Botched for the past three seasons, it's not like he's never been in front of a camera before...This could go very badly and Heather points out that the pressure is on for CONSULT BEAUTE to be a success. 

To celebrate Heather's new business launch, Meghan hosts a viewing party at her house for the other women (minus Vicki, obviously) to watch the EVINE show. As the Dubrows go live in Minneapolis, the 'Wives decide to call into the show and prank them. Tamra introduces herself as "Cinnamon" from Orange County, but the joke doesn't last too long - Heather and Terry would know Tammy Sue's voice anywhere. Debating on-air whether the women will get the friends and family discount on the CONSULT BEAUTE products, Heather and Terry jokingly pretend the line's breaking up and hang up. As Heather points out in her confessional, the more time she spends on the air talking to Tamra, the less time she has to sell her products to, you know, real customers. So bye, Cinnamon!


The EVINE launch goes smashingly well, breaking the shopping network's record as the most successful beauty product launch in its history. After the launch is over and Lizzie goes home to rescue her kids from Christian's babysitting skills, Tamra fills Shannon and Meghan in on seeing Brooks' medical records. Immediately, Shannon questions why Vicki would choose to show Tamra the medical evidence. After all, Heather is married to a doctor, Meghan worked in medical sales for years before marrying Jimmy and she herself has had plenty of experience with CT & PET scans. Even if she's Vicki's oldest friend, showing Tamra makes the least amount of sense out of all the women. Detective Meghan has been doing more snooping and has some incriminating evidence of her own. Apparently, she called Newport Imaging, the facility where Brooks had is scan done, and asked if they even do PET scans. The secretary at the front desk told her they stopped doing scans back in 2008. If a patient needed a PET scan done, they would be referred directly to City of Hope and sent to the hospital. This new piece of information throws all of Brooks and Vicki's supposed "evidence" into chaos. What does that mean about the medical records, Tamra asks. Could Brooks be lying? Meghan certainly thinks so, and suspects Brooks forged the medical records continue the cancer charade. That would certainly explain the strange formatting and all the words on the result running together. At this point, no one knows the truth, but Meghan King Edmonds, Crusader of Justice, is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and bring Brooks and Vicki down once and for all. 

Other highlights this week:

  • Shannon and David reconnected on a date night and I felt like I was seeing deja vu. Wasn't that the same restaurant Gretchen and Tamra bonded at in the Season 7 premiere? Am I the only one who noticed that?
  • Tamra met with her pastor to discuss her upcoming baptism. She's hidden it for so long and is finally ready to come out of the closet: Tammy Sue loves Jesus! Now she just needs a Blonde Bible because all those "thou shalt nots" are too confusing.
  • Apparently oxygenating your blood is the new, cool cancer treatment of the week. 
  • Lenka the health coach is still wearing those personalized, sparkly shirts.
  • Ryan and Sarah are officially moved into their new rental home, with Ryan looking for jobs at a local aerospace company and a gun manufacturer. Tamra's still determined to save his soul by turning him to Jesus.