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Real Housewives

RHOC Ssn 10/Ep 16 - Suspicious Minds

Glenn Rowley


This is officially the cancer rumor that will never end. I'm honestly way past tired of it at this point - mostly because it feels as though not much else is going on to balance out the storyline. It's everyone vs. Vicki...about Brooks...talking about it all the time. And in this episode, we're doing more talking about it. 

The episode picks back up in the midst of Shannon's Aries party. An angry Tamra storms off following her confrontation with Brooks while Vicki claims that no one is on "normal" behavior tonight. Ever the group's valiant voice of reason, Heather tries to de-escalate the situation by pulling Vicki inside for a sit-down. In her interview, Heather explains that Vicki is putting all the blame on the cancer issue on Meghan and Tamra while in reality everyone is talking about it, and she deserves to know the truth. As Shannon tries to rally the party by cutting the cake outside, Heather calmly relates her concerns to Vicki by reminding her that she's always been a big supporter of Brooks. However, this cancer issue has reached a point where things just aren't adding up. At CUT Fitness, Brooks pulled Heather into the conversation by pointing out that his new doctor, the one doing the alternative resveratrol treatments, knows Terry. Heather does know the doc - she went to him for cellulite treatments after her twins were born. They may both start with C but cellulite and cancer do not belong in the same boat, medically speaking. Heather asks is there's a possibility Brooks is being duped by a phony treatment, but Vicki's story isn't exactly lining up either. Now she says Brooks is getting ready to go back to chemo. Heather points out that every piece of information that comes to light surrounding Brooks' treatment that is "hanky." Someone is lying. It's certainly not Heather, so who is it? Brooks? The doctor? Vicki?? 


To put put the issue to rest, Fancy Pants asks Vicki if there's a possibility she and Brooks would be willing to show the group his medical records - just a single piece of evidence to prove his cancer is real and shut everyone up. After all, Vicki said at CUT that she had made him a neat and tidy binder for all his medical files. But Vicki refuses, saying she can't believe these are the type of people she hangs around. I get Vicki's point that medical records aren't anyone's business, but it sure would help shut this storyline down. Heather reiterates that the group is actually full of people who love Vicki and only want the best for her. If she's getting the wool pulled over her eyes, Heather thinks it's important to be honest about their concerns. However, Brooks interrupts this pow-wow, ready to leave the party. Heather reassures her friend that everything is fine between them and she can always count on Fancy Pants for the truth, but in her interview Vicki gets defensive and says the whole thing is none of Heather's business.

Once Brooks and Vicki leave, the rest of the women gather to find out what went down. Heather relays the conversation to them and as the 'Wives compare notes, the inconsistencies in Vicki's story start becoming clear. She told Meghan at the party that she never asked Shannon for her help, which Shannon says isn't true. She told Tamra  earlier that week at lunch that Brooks isn't doing chemo again, which directly contradicts what she just told Heather. All Vicki's stories are doing is leaving everyone more and more confused. Shannon points out that if Brooks really doesn't have cancer, there's no way Vicki doesn't know the truth. She's Vicki Gunvalson! Meghan agrees, saying Vicki can't possibly be oblivious, not with all her stories, but Tamra finds it hard to believe that her friend would be involved in a lie like that. What if Brooks was the one lying and she didn't find out the truth until the eleventh hour and by then was too far in?, Heather posits. According to Shannon, that's when you walk away.


The next day, Meghan's back on #coolstepmom duty shopping for Chanel prom dresses with Hayely, and Tamra pays a visit to Vicki's house. With Brooks upstairs watching golf, the BFFs sit down for a chat. In her interview, Tamra admits that she and Brooks may never see eye to eye, but for the sake of keeping the peace with Vicki, she needs to apologize for her outburst at the Aries party. However, even as she apologizes, Vicki tries to take the blame from Brooks, saying she's the one who never should've said anything to Tamra about Meghan's marriage in the first place. She sees it as a classic case of tell-a-Tamra, telephone. Tamra tries to point out that she's not on anyone's side in this fight - not Vicki's, not Meghan's. However, Vicki once again calls her loyalty into question, saying that if Tamra condones Meghan reaching out to Brooks' ex-girlfriends for dirt, she's not Vicki's friend. Tamra admits that Meghan has gone above and beyond to prove Brooks is lying, but as Vicki's friend, she's here to tell her what everyone has been saying. All the rumors and conflicting stories are even starting to wear on Tamra to the point where she's wondering well...does he have cancer?


Tamra asks about the medical records and again, Vicki defensively insists they're private. What will it take to prove to the women that Brooks really has cancer? Does he have to die? Vicki gives Tamra an ultimatum: either you're my friend or you're not and if being friends means they don't talk about Brooks' cancer, then they don't talk about it. However, Tamra says that's not the kind of friendship she wants - everything can't just be on Vicki's terms. In her confessional, Tamra says this is typical Vicki behavior: the second she doesn't like something, she shuts down. However, Tamra worries that her friend is so influenced by Brooks, and he has so much control over her, that she's turning into him. Vicki ends the conversation by saying that if Tamra really believes in their friendship, she'll do everything she can to shut this cancer rumor down. No pressure.

At the Beador house, Shannon's making muffins while lamenting her situation with Vicki. David doesn't understand what happened the other night or why Brooks and Vicki left without saying goodbye. Shannon's feelings are hurt because part of the reason she threw the Aries party in the first place was because it was what bonded her and Vicki when they met. In a way, it was supposed to be a party for Vicki too. In her confessional, Shannon says she doesn't even know who her friend is anymore - all the contradicting stories and defensive behavior have made her virtually unrecognizable. Shannon points out that she went out of her way after Brooks was diagnosed to get him referrals for two world-renowned doctors. But now, Shannon's the one fielding questions about why Brooks didn't use either of her doctors, questions she doesn't have answers to. She tells David that she feels guilty even questioning the validity of Brooks having cancer, but she's no dummy either. Any reasonable person would have the same questions, and Shannon knows Vicki is too smart of a woman not to know what's really going on. 

Following her visit to Vicki's, Tamra heads straight to CUT Fitness for a workout with Meghan, who's eager to hear about what happened. Tamra explains that the OG got very defensive, but had an answer for everything. Trying to do what Vicki asked, Tamra counsels Meghan that sometimes it's easier to just let things go. In her interview, Tamra admits that she's willing to see past all the issues with Brooks in order to keep her relationship with Vicki. She promised Vicki that she would support her, so that's what she's doing. Meghan, however, is sure that in 90 days, Brooks will announce that his cancer's in remission and everything about his hanky story will appear to be wrapped up. Either way, the truth is sure to come out eventually.

We finally get a break from all this cancer talk as Heather and Terry go out for a much-needed date night. With Terry's show Botched finally winding down, the Dubrows can spend more quality time together than they have been lately. Over dinner, Heather asks Terry's opinion on an idea she sketched to have etched in a giant window in the new house. Not realizing Heather just wants him to love it, Terry says the drawing doesn't look like he imagined and effectively puts his foot in his mouth. Now Heather's feelings are hurt and no matter what Terry says, he just keeps digging himself digger. Lose-lose Dr. Dubrow. Heather explains in her interview that all she wants is for Terry to acknowledge how hard she's working on the house without having to tell him so. 


After two quick segments of Vicki and Brooks doing some "earthing" with Lenka the health coach and Tamra showing a grumpy Ryan his new rental house, Heather goes to lunch with Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Rinna. Housewives collide! It turns out the two brunettes met more than 16 years ago in an acting class they took and spent much of their early careers "doing time in the folding chair" together. Heather's asked Lisa to lunch to get advice on how to handle the upcoming Evine launch for her skincare line, CONSULT BEAUTE. Lisa Rinna is a bit of an expert in the field, considering she has a very successful clothing line on HSN and once sold an adult diaper on live TV. (And winked all the way to the bank thanks to that Depends ad, thank you very much.)


Finally, Vicki and Shannon meet for lunch at Lucca. It's tax day, so Vicki's already on edge wondering why she owes 58% of her money to taxes. Vicki compliments Shannon on the Aries party, and Shannon expresses how bummed she was that Vicki barely participated in the festivities. Vicki claims that she just can't handle all the negativity surrounding the cancer drama. Shannon says she knows Vicki doesn't want to talk about it, but explains that she's trying to explain to people why Brooks didn't use her doctors and doesn't know what to say. People are continually bringing up inconsistencies in Vicki's story and Shannon doesn't know how to support her if she can't understand what's really going on. For the third conversation in this episode alone, Vicki yet again gets defensive, saying she didn't choose Brooks' treatment, she's just trying to let him handle it the way he wants. Shannon explains that she's just trying to make sense of all the confusion, but Vicki's not having it - throwing her hands in the air and proclaiming that she's done with the whole situation. If Shannon has questions about Brooks' cancer, she can call Brooks herself.


Vicki tries to change the subject and says she doesn't understand what Shannon wants her to do. Shannon replies that Vicki should shut the drama down and prove everyone wrong. She recognizes that this situation is going to damage Brooks' reputation, so why won't Vicki just produce a single piece of evidence to shut everyone up? Vicki gets teary, claiming that she's close to having a nervous breakdown and explains via interview that she's hurt that Shannon has apparently drank the anti-Brooks Kool-Aid. Shannon says she's just trying to help, but Vicki snaps back that this conversation isn't doing anything to help her. She's asked Shannon to stop talking about it, but Shannon keeps pushing the issue, not respecting what she wants. Thinking she's lost yet another ally, Vicki is left feeling betrayed and hurt. She leaves the lunch saying all she wants to do now is go talk to her therapist. These women are pushing her to the brink.