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Real Housewives

RHOC Ssn 10/Ep 18 - Satan Loves Confusion

Glenn Rowley


As Briana says this week, this is like the never-ending story. This week we got more rumors, more cancer and more Brooks-bashing, even without a single minute of the infamous Southerner on screen. When you think about the mere handful of times Brooks has appeared this season, it's actually kind of remarkable that the entire second half of this year's run of episodes have focused so much on him. With that said, here we go with another week of cancer rumors in the OC...

Briana and her family are in town and Vicki is one happy nana. However, Briana thinks that since Brooks moved in, her childhood home has a "nasty" vibe. It's still hard for Vicki to live two separate lives between her boyfriend and her family, but neither she nor Briana are budging so they have to agree to disagree. Briana doesn't understand how her mom could move someone into her home who hurt her daughter so badly (cut to the epic confrontation during the Season 8 reunion). How has Brooks managed to worm his way so far into Vicki's life that he's now living in the home Briana grew up in?


While Vicki's entertaining her family at the zoo and feeling "circle jerked" on the miniature train (HA!), Tamra, Heather and Shannon meet for lunch at Babette's to catch up. Tamra fills the girls in on seeing Brooks' PET scan results and Heather immediately wonders why Vicki and Brooks chose to show Tamra out of all the ladies. If they really wanted to prove that Brooks had cancer, wouldn't they have Terry sitting there reading it? Choosing Tamra doesn't make a whole lot of sense. None of the three know exactly where their friendships stand with the OG at the moment. Tamra feels Vicki used her to do her dirty work with the other women, while Shannon hasn't been able to fix things with Vicki since their disastrous lunch a couple episodes back. They've exchanged a few texts, with Vicki asking Shannon, "what happened to us?" Shannon wants to tell the OG to ask herself. 


During the lunch, Shannon also decides to reveal David's affair to Tamra and Heather, saying she couldn't imagine how bonded she would be to them just a few months ago. Having watched the aftermath play out all season long, it took me a minute to remember that up to this point, no one knew about the affair except Vicki. How difficult must it have been for Shannon to deal with such a heartbreaking problem all while hiding it from her cast mates during filming? Neither is shocked to hear the news, with Heather specifically admitting she knew about the affair but didn't say anything to anyone. So, if you want to talk about the real girl code, even when they constantly at odds last season, Heather did her very best to protect Shannon. Tamra goes on to explain that rumors of the affair came up last season during the infamous lunch where she blabbed to Heather, but reinforces that she was only telling Fancy Pants to give Shannon a chance with everything going on in her life. Heather turns the subject to ask how Shannon is doing. Shannon explains that there's a 72% divorce rate in Orange County, and says she's proud she chose to fight for her family. In hindsight, Shannon now realizes that Heather and Tamra are true friends - when rumors were swirling behind the scenes last season, they didn't gossip or tell anyone. #RealGirlCode


True to her promise in Tahiti, Tamra takes the visiting Briana to lunch the next day to talk to her about Brooks. Having bonded in Season 7 over their mutual suspicions of Vicki's boyfriend, Tamra says she feels like an aunt to Briana. She explains that in the last year, she's tried to just let everything go pertaining to Brooks for the sake of her friendship with Vicki. Briana says she's tried to move on as well, but just can't. If she has her way, she'll never be around Brooks for the rest of her life. In her interview, Briana explains that there is nothing Brooks can do for her to accept him, forgive him or get her to forget about everything he's done. He's proven his character and now all Briana cares about is her mom's well-being.


Tamra brings up that the other women think Brooks is duping Briana's mom when it comes to the cancer. Briana admits that when her mom first told her about the diagnosis, things didn't add up to her. As an ER nurse, certain treatments Brooks was supposedly doing didn't add up. Then, Briana drops a bombshell. When she first met Brooks, he told her he had pancreatic cancer. However, when Briana (who was in nursing school at the time) started grilling him about treatments, chemo and how he could possibly be in remission, Brooks caved and admitted he only had pancreatitis, which can be caused by alcohol abuse. What?? Is this real life? Knowing this, Brooks has now lost any last shred of credibility or benefit of the doubt I could have possibly had for him. If he's lying, Briana says she'll kill him herself, but suspects that one day he'll magically be cured before anyone really finds out the truth. At the end of the day, Briana is sick of watching her mom suffer because of this relationship that's supposedly so fantastic in her life. Hopefully, she won't lose everyone else in her life because of it.


The day of Tamra's baptism arrives and as she gets ready in her hotel room, the other ladies don their white dresses and jump in their limos. Surprise, surprise, Vicki is going to the baptism sans Brooks, who's opted to go to a friend's house rather than face the ladies' questioning one more time. Everyone is supportive of Tamra taking this big step - it's never too late to turn over a new leaf. However, Shannon is trepidatious about seeing Vicki for the first time in weeks. The possibility that she's being duped by her friend is "crushing" to her. For her part, Vicki's already on the defensive, saying the truth is always the truth and this drama is all just Satan wreaking havoc on her friendships and personal life. She chalks up the other women trying to plant doubt in her mind as the work of Satan because who loves confusion more than the devil? How could there possibly be any drama at a Jesus party? We'll find out next week on the season finale...

Other highlights:

  • Shannon and David met with their marriage counselor Tina Konkin,  who essentially proclaimed their marriage fixed. These two have come a long way.
  • Shannon and the colonic stuck in her rear end is without a doubt the funniest thing that's happened all season. I die laughing every time I think about it.
  • Meghan and Hayley put on homemade facials. Snooze.
  • Vicki looks better in every white dress ever made than Tamra does, (according to her of course).
  • No really, where in the world did Vicki learn the term "circle jerk"??